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We are following the method of the curiosity approach (TM) (external link), and have added some documents for you to read that can help understand the kind of setting we are promoting.


The Curiosity Approach (TM) - Promoting Curiosity (external link/pdf) : click here


The Curiosity Approach (TM) - But it might break! (external link/pdf) : click here


The Curiosity Approach (TM) - Do Apron's Stop A Child's Learning (external link) : click here


Guidance to your child’s learning and development in the early years foundation stage


Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) (Sefton LSCB, 2017) (external link) : click here


Childhood Neglect: Improving outcomes for children - The Framework (DfE, 2012) (external link/pdf) : click here


Guidance for early years childcare settings on nasal spray flu (influenza) vaccination for pre-school children (NHS, 2016 updated 2018) (external link/pdf) : click here


Information Sharing (HM Government, 2018) (external link/pdf) : click here


Level of Needs Guidance (Sefton LSCB, 2017) (external link/pdf) : click here


Managing Allegations (Sefton LSCB, 2017) (external link) : click here 


Missing Children Procedure (Sefton LSCB, 2018) (external link/pdf) : click here


Parents’ Guide to the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework (external link/pdf) : click here


Prevent Duty Guidance: for England and Wales (HM Government, 2016 revised) (external link/pdf) : click here


Progress Report: Moving towards a child centre system (external link/pdf) : click here


Safeguarding Disabled Children (DfE, 2009) (external link/pdf) : click here


Sefton Multi-Agency Self-Harm Practice Guidance (Sefton LSCB, 2018) (external link/pdf) : click here


Special Educational Needs & Disability (DfE, 2014) (external link/pdf) : click here


What to expect, when? (4 children, 2015) (external link/pdf) : click here


Working Together to Safeguard Children (HM Government, 2018) (external link/pdf) : click here


Working Together - Transitional Guidance (HM Government, 2018) (external link/pdf) : click here


Disclaimer these documents are of the works of their respected authors.

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